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Veliki "vikend planer" protagonist, moj oče, je tik pred zdajci preklical vse načrte za delo na obali - juhuhu! Pa ne, da ne rad pomagam doma, ampak ob misli na hribe sem že mežikal, kot kakšen risani junak. Pred seboj sem že videl navpične stene in razglede na vršace. Dokler je v visokogorju še toliko snega in tako lepo vreme, pa sploh. Verjetno ni bilo težko opaziti, da je moj krog gorskih prijateljev že precej lepo "zgrajen":) Nimam navade, da bi kogarkoli ali kar tako vzel s sabo. No, včasih je potrebno narediti izjemno - izjema je bila odlična :) Zahvaljujoč Lei sem se ta dan smejal 16h in užival, kot že dolgo ne.

Our starting point was "V Koncu" (900m), we left the car at 5.10am and went into the woods towards the "Kokrsko sedlo" saddle. After 10-15min the path was replaced by snow which made it easier, because we could go straight up the gully instead of walking zigzags. It was really fun, some exposed rock on the way made everything even better. Soon we were below the saddle, it became warmer once we got out of the shade...by warmer I mean...t-shirt warm. A short break on the saddle and we were on the way again. Once we traversed and reached the bottom of the mountain I saw a familiar green jacket and I knew it was Nejc with whom I talked earlier on the phone, because I knew he was catching the sunrise with his climbing mate Matic. It was really nice to see him after a long time. Soon, we left as they had to descend and go to work. It was hotter and hotter on the way up the roof, conditions weren't great because even at night the temperatures are above 0°. But the "steps" were solid and we made good progress despite the "I've got all day to do this" approach. There was many people on top before us, but most of them skied down immediately to enjoy what was left of the cold snow. We didn't bother to hurry, the less people on the summit the better of course.

There was no wind on the summit, warm and without a cloud. We found a spot under the summit on the west side, looking directly at Jezerska & Kokorska Kočna and the Julian Alps in the background. One by one people were leaving and no one was climbing up, so soon we were alone on our private snow beach. We stayed there forever, I mean literally forever...like 3 hours! Time flies when you are having fun I guess. :) We had a long descend ahead of us, but it went fast despite the rotten, wet snow and the blazing sun. At the saddle we made a break because it was just so pretty and we wanted to enjoy a bit more. The thermometer was showing 22° at 1800m.

The last part of the descent was in the shade so we cooled off and soon we had to put on a layer or two. We took the diretissima down a narrow gully. There were footsteps so it must be leading somewhere right? Riiiighttttttt! XD The snow ended so our crampons were no longer needed. There were patches of snow and then rock, no better grip the one from wet soles...not. Soon we found ourselves on the bottom of the gully and into a thick forest, the footprints from before were now impossible to track. I was a debris field, with no snow but everything else just scattered around. I navigated as best I could, knowing that somewhere right below us there is a road which would lead us to the car. It didn't take long and the forest was thinner, soon we saw the road. Minutes later we were already changing our wet clothes and shoes.

We had the chance to watch the sun setting behind Triglav and so ending a perfect 16h day.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

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